Products We Recommend

1) Willy Tee

Be proud to show off Willy on this quality cotton T-shirt. Emblazoned with the Penis Pillow™ logo and mascot Willy.

Price: $8.95 each


2) The Cushie Tushie™

“The Cushie Tushie™ is the newest “bad ass product from Dick Johnson. At 20” wide, there are no if’s and’s or “butts” about it – You have to have one! Don’t be left “behind”, order yours today!

Price: $19.95 each


3) The Penis Pillow Jumbo™

Talk about the FULL MONTY!!! Now you can have the ultimate body pillow!! The Original Penis Pillow Jumbo!!! What woman wouldn’t want to cuddle up with this every night?? At 36″ long, it’s really hard to resist!

The Jumbo is available in Cream, Cocoa and Cherry, and like it’s smaller predecessors, is made of a soft velvet with a foam and dacron core.

Price: 34.95 each


4) The Penis Pillow Junior™

For those of you who feel that 22″ is just too much, we offer the Original. Penis Pillow JUNIOR!! Everything you love about the Original Penis Pillow, just a little less.

But at 16″ long, still makes the loneliest of nights more bearable. Soft velvet fabric surrounds a foam and dacron core. Makes a great gift or conversation piece.

Price: 19.95 each


5) The Original Penis Pillow™

is ready to penetrate your home decor as a conversation piece that is sure to ellicit a response from all who encounter it.

Standing 22 inches tall and 10 inches wide, the novelty pillow’s hand-sewn soft velvet fabric surrounds a foam and Dacron core. A Scotch-Guard coating ensures easy cleanup.

Price: 29.95 each