was started by Dick Johnson, philanthropist, rocket scientist, and part time brain surgeon, who one day realized the world was an empty place without a large penis shaped pillow.

After several minutes of research and development and countless blue prints, Dick finally laid the plans for the pillow. (Truth be known, his loyal assistant Peter (aka “Woody”) came up with the actual design.)

Dick Johnson grew up in Intercourse, PA. and is a graduate of Beaver College in Glenside, Pennsylvania. His major was studying the Bushman of Australia where he enjoyed giving oral presentations.

Dick, who now has acquired fame and fortune with his Penis Pillow, now lives comfortably in the Bermuda Triangle where he they have erected a statue in his honor.

When asked about his invention, Dick is quick to say, “The Penis Pillow has changed my life. My colleagues used to refer to me as a stiff!!” Dick thinks that everyone should own the Original Penis Pillow.

Dick says, “It’s priced affordably so it’s not a hard sell. And it is made to last a long time!!”